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OMG UPDATE omg - Ajay Happenings

Jul. 2nd, 2009

04:05 am - OMG UPDATE omg

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Oh well , lest see Oct 2008 spent at harvest! Life changing evernt. The obsession with the MMJ won't quit.

still living in the little house

cooking muffins

Providning Step Mom with muffins! (Mom from this day forward)

Dac Sucks

Baking cookins, muffins

Jan Ill all month, Ewwww!!!!

Baking breads, muffins Kookies..

Extracting Honey oil

Fuck, Way behind on bills!

Providing Kookies to Mom,

OMG, Touring to No Calif. Work Work Work

Home work work work

Baking Baking , touring working!

Wow still baking, Going to Norml and ASA meetings.

Working working, OMG about paid up 3+ months of bills in 6 weeks, Wee kicked ASS

Back up North, HOLY COW, Car over edge, 2 black Eyes.

Still baking, and telling people my GirlFriend gave me the 2 black eyes....LOL

OMFucki ngG, I totaled my Amigo.

Still with thbe pot food


Ice Dream done well take time
fisrt step it to infuse 1 or many of the ingridients
modifacations to adapt
And CARE. Tons and Tons of of attention to details pertaining to texture and taste
Product not done yet, full report still pending

There ya have it