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OMG scary - Ajay Happenings

Sep. 29th, 2012

03:29 am - OMG scary

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I had some guy contact me this evening claiming to be someone I know, by the name of Joey. Said we met about 2 years ago ( was not even in CA 2 years ago), and that I have been to his place in Newport on Spyglass. He also says that I have seen him at the Fairmont. None of this rings a bell, and he is calling from a cell phone with the area code of 657. Now that is a fairly new exchange in Orange County that covers where local LE and Sherrifs are located. So anyhow, I figure I'll go with this and see if anything alse jogs my memory. Well nothing does, and the guys seems a bit pushy. But I shower and what not to get ready. When I call him back, there are other voices in the background, when I ask about them, he says he is at his club in Long Beach.. WTF? at a club...
So when I ask him for his address, he gives me the address of 421 W Broadway, in Long Beach....this address just happens to be right across the street from LBPD......Why would I want to go there. I looked up the place on google maps. He also did not give me the unit number. So I send him a text, saying I am not comfortable with his location, and the fact that his phone number is Santa Ana and now he is giving me a Long Beach address.
So when the guy realizes that I am not going to that address, he get nasty and rude! Saying stuff like," I have never met anyone so stupid" and even worse.

So the morale of the story.......follow your gut feeling. Something just kept telling me this is not on the up & up. And the way the man
resorted to name calling and worse just confirms my gut feeling.

If I do not feel comfortable, I am not doing it!

I think I dodged the LE Bullet.
Of course it is possible that I just lost a client. But considering he refers to seeing me about 2 years ago, IF he was a client, he sure has not been a profitable one for at least 2 years maybe more. Some how I do not think I will miss it.